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November 22, 2018 at 8:00:00 AM



李治中,筆名菠蘿,「拾玉」儿童癌症公益基金會創始人、科普作家。80後,清華大學本科,美國杜克大學癌症生物學博士,跨國頂尖製藥公司癌症新藥開發部實驗室負責人。愛好科普、科研和公益事業,已經出版兩本暢銷書《癌症·真相:醫生也在讀》 《癌症·新知:科學終結恐慌》。內容豐富、前沿,文筆風趣幽默。影響上千萬人。

The Fact of Cancer

Nov 22, 2018

Li Zhizhong


Li Zhizhong, under the pen name Pineapple, is the founder and popular science writer of "Shiyu" Children's Cancer Charity Foundation. Post-80s, Bachelor of Tsinghua University, Doctor of Cancer Biology from Duke University, Head of the Laboratory of Cancer New Drug Development Department of a top multinational pharmaceutical company. He loves popular science, scientific research and public welfare, and has published two best-selling books "Cancer - The Truth: Doctors Are Reading" and "Cancer - New Knowledge: Science Ends Panic". Rich in content, cutting-edge, witty and humorous. Affect tens of millions of people.
"Why can we "beat" cancer now? Why has the survival rate of cancer doubled? It is because our understanding of cancer has revolutionized. "
"We are refuting rumors part-time, and others are spreading pseudoscience full-time."

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