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Chinese Medicine for Improving Constitution (B)

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
May 17, 2020

This is the second part of the 2-part series Chinese Medicine for Improving Constitution. This part includes Q&A, the relationship among Bazi, Feng Shui and your health.

Chinese Medicine for Improving Constitution (A)

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
May 10, 2020

Chinese Medicine for Improving Constitution-Part A explains how to personalize your health improvement approach and how to be the master of your own health. It explains why the most important thing for everyone is not about how you should take care of your health, but more about why you should take care of your own health like this.

Cosmetology and Chinese Medicine

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
January 11, 2021

Health is beauty. Deficiency, coldness and dampness in the body affect metabolism, repair and regeneration, and immunity, as well as one's own appearance. To be beautiful, one must pay attention to sleep, diet, stress, and exercise, as well as the health of the kidneys, spleen, liver, heart and lungs. This lesson starts from the basic principles of Chinese medicine, and points out the taboos of beauty: staying up late, cold spleen and stomach, damp stasis, tight liver. It concluded with how to use moxibustion treatment for cosmetology, and the secret of facial beauty.

Moxibustion Therapy

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
May 3, 2020

This course first describes the medical theory of moxibustion and the methods of moxibustion, and then discusses and demonstrates the treatment of 23 different diseases by moxibustion.

Wetness in the Body

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
January 25, 2020

Wetness in the body is caused by dirty and clog. There are internal and external dampness. This lesson explains how dampness forms, what symptoms it causes, how to adjust, and how to treat it using Chinese medicine.

Coldness in the Body

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
December 28, 2020

Sleep, diet, stress, insufficient or improper exercise can cause the body to become cold and damp, reduce metabolism, repair regeneration and immunity. This lecture will teach you the types of coldness, related acupuncture points, how to adjust your body state, take in nutrition, and change your lifestyle according to the principles of Chinese medicine; or use moxibustion or acupuncture treatment.

Hay Fever

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
March 8, 2021

We will study the relationship between "hay fever" and "body deficiency and coldness" from the four major factors of health and the principles of health maintenance. We will discuss how to treat hay fever and allergies by regulating the body’s deficiency and coldness.

Scar and Health

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
January 18, 2021

This course teaches how scars are formed, what types are there, and how physical conditions change along with them. How does Western medicine treat scars, how does Chinese medicine diagnose from the tongue, and how to treat them.


Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
October 25, 2020

Every 7 seconds in the world there is a new case of Alzheimer's disease. Let's learn about the symptoms of different dementias, the top ten signs of Alzheimer's disease, testing methods, Western medicine treatment and Chinese medicine diagnosis, prevention and treatment methods.

Bad Temper

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
November 22, 2020

Grumpy can come from physical, hormone levels, mental, self-cultivation and life disorders. This course describes how to improve temper by body and mind, relaxation of tendons, liver, sleep, exercise, improvement of diet, rest, and emotional regulation.

Reduce Weight

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
June 21, 2020

Health is a long-term process. This lecture explains weight reduction. The causes of obesity can be understood from the medical theory of deficiency, coldness and dampness in traditional Chinese medicine, and the effects of sleep, nutrition, stress, and proper exercise on physical conditions. This talk will teach you how to use diet and nutrition, moxibustion and Chinese medicine to help lose weight.

Protection Against Heat

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
August 16, 2020

Understand the sicknesses (heat exhaustion, heat cramps, heat stroke) that can be caused by the heat and learn how to apply Chinese and Western medicines to prevent heatstroke, rescue and treat those sickness.

Deficiency and Cold of the Constitution

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
June 15, 2020

Getting sick is a long-term process. Illness is caused by personality, pressure, and emotions. These factors cause the body to be weak first; and the adverse reactions to the body's nerves cause a sickness and damage the body. This lecture teaches everyone a holistic treatment: from improving etiquette, to changing daily habits and attitudes for treating illness comprehensively.


Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
May 31, 2020

Sleep is the most important body function for health. This talk will teach you why you can't sleep well or have insomnia, and how to make yourself sleep well and sufficient with Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

How to strengthen the immune system

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
March 22, 2021

The lecture talked about the body’s immune system and how Chinese medicine can improve the body’s immune system and how to intake various nutrients. It also discusses the relationship between fasting in traditional Chinese medicine and liver detoxification. This lecture will also discuss how these methods affect the immune system.

Gua Sha (Scraping) Therapy

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
April 26, 2020

This lecture is about Gua Sha therapy. It will teach you the disinfection, the techniques and which body parts to do Gua Sha, the time length of Gua Sha, the taboos, and treatment of common symptoms by Gua Sha. This lecture will include explanation and demonstrations.

Fasting and Liver Detoxification

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
March 1, 2021

This lecture discusses the similarities and differences between fasting and liver detoxification, and introduce modern methods of fasting and detoxification.

COVID-19, Perspectives of TCM, Home Therapy & Self-Protection (Ch)

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
April 2, 2020

This lecture will explain how Chinese medicine can help defending against the new coronavirus.

Be Friend with Your Body - Class 1

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
August 23, 2020

Be friend with your body class 1 is the first class of a series of 10 lectures. It is designed for diabetes patients. Through lectures and practices you will learn how to meditate, practice slow Chinese ancient exercises, and use breath and feel to find where the problem is.

Nourish Your Heart In Summer

Yaron Wu,L.Ac.,DAOM
July 7, 2020

Chinese Dr. Wu talks about the treatment and health of the heart. From the relationship between sleep and heart health, talk about how to use acupuncture point massage for treatment and health care. Chinese Doctor Wu Yaron will also talk about how to check the blood vessels and acupuncture points on the hands, or observe the tongue and the belly button to diagnose a person's heart health. He also teaches methods for sleeping better. The symptoms to be discussed in the lecture are characteristic of heart damage. Because health preservation is more important than treatment, Dr. Wu Yaron will also talk about how to maintain the heart with diet and exercise.

Chinese Food Therapeutics

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
July 26, 2020

The trick of TCM diet therapy is how to determine the personal physique and then choose the diet therapy method that suits you.
In this TCM diet therapy seminar, California acupuncturist licensed acupuncturist Wu Yaron, a Chinese medicine practitioner, explains how to determine your physique according to the concepts of TCM, and then chooses the diet therapy that suits you based on four properties and five flavors of medicine and food. Only what suits you the best is the best medicine for you. The same is true for diet therapy.

Chinese Therapeutics for Chronic Waist Pain

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM
August 9, 2020

This lecture will explain how Chinese medicine works with body relaxation exercises to help relieve chronic waist pain.

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