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小雨點合唱團   JHF Choir




"This Life, This Lifetime" concert is the first concert of the JHF Choir since its establishment in 2019. We hope that you will come to this special concert and enjoy the performance.

This concert is special in multiple ways:
The program includes wonderful choral songs by Ching-Ju Shih, a well-known composer born in Taiwan. The lyrics of the songs are in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka and English. The theme song of the concert, "This Life, This Lifetime" debuts in this concert.

The articulation of each song was guided by the composer Ching-Ju Shih herself and the late conductor Bor-Jen Lin; It was continued by the joint effort of several choir members and outstanding singers who have been trained professionally. This collaboration has allowed the group to sing with an unusual conducting arrangement that pays tribute to the late conductor.

The program includes
世界恬靜落來的時/The Moment When Quietness Descends
百合花/Lily , 佛手/Buddha’s Hand
墮落天使/Fallen Angel, 流轉/Flowing Around
講互暗暝聽/Whisper to the Night
夢見我的鏡/I Had a Dream of My Mirror
傀儡戲/Marionette Show, 食頭路/Working for a Job
八家將/Eight Infernal Generals
如果明天就是下一生/If Tomorrow Were Next Life
為愛主的:/For Those Who Love, 小站:/Little Station
田舍臨暗/When the Sun Sets on the Village
今生今世/This Life, This Lifetime
褒忠讚歌/Hymn for the Righteously Loyal Resistant
烏罐仔裝豆油證/Induce “Appearance Could be Deceiving”

For those who love

JHF Choir, 小雨點合唱團
Composer:Ching-Ju Shih 石青如
Lyrics Based on Romans 8:28
Sponsor: J&H Foundation 小雨點基金會

​JHF Choir is a choir sponsored by J&H Foundation, a US registered nonprofit organization. Chorus requires everyone to get together, in order to sing a beautiful harmony. The member needs to cooperate with each other, listen to each other through the communication of music independent of the distance among them. JHF Choir is like a big family, allowing members from different backgrounds to become a lifetime friends, care for each other and give warmth. This group of singers are passionate about interacting with the community and share the fun and emotional resonance of music with everyone.

Conductor Bor-Jen Lin graduated from San Francisco State University with a master of music, conducting emphasis. She is a well-known conductor in the Bay Area and is currently a conductor of the Fraternity Choir.

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