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Live Healthily and Happily

觀看專家每週舉行的專題講座,以學習有趣的話題。 請註冊就可以收到自動通知,這樣您就不會錯過喜歡的專題講座!

JHF Medicine Series

Watch special lectures given by experts to learn interesting topics. Please register to receive automatic notifications so that you will not miss your favorite seminars!


Beauty Care

Let the beauty experts teach you how to make yourself pretty and make yourself shine.


Health Talks

Watch the expert's 3-5 minutes of interesting explanations on health and wellness, and learn how to take care of your own health and gain new knowledge about keeping your body in good condition.


Physical Care & Rehabilitation

Physical health is the origin of our happiness. How to maintain physical health and how to restore health after physical injury is common knowledge that everyone must know. Take a moment to listen to experts advising you how to maintain your health and how to get back to health after illness or injury.


New Health Ideas

This is a channel for members to share new ideas, knowledge and achievements related to healthcare.

The hot stories of "J&H Foundation" / / / "J&H 基金會“, 小雨點基金會, including talks in health and culture areas, performance, "J&H choir" performance, lectures in medicine, healthcare, rehabilitation, beauty care.

This is the home page of 
"J&H Foundation",, , Community For Health And Cultural Knowledge,

The mission of "J&H Foundation" / /
Build a community for health and culture knowledge
Sponsors lectures, concerts, talks, choir performance videos, activities for a healthy and happy society
Run a nonprofit organization aimed to improve quality of life

JHF Medicine Series, Health Talks, beauty care, Physical Care and rehabilitation, new health ideas

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