J&H Foundation

The J&H Foundation is a registered non-profit organization established in 2012. The mission of the Foundation is to help community members to live a healthy and happy life. Since its establishment, the Foundation’s charity activities include

  1. building communities focused on improving the quality of life via health, culture, and music activities

  2. sponsoring medical, cultural, and music activities

  3. operating a social platform so that members can learn and exchange knowledge effectively

  4. bridging members and professionals for provisioning of high-quality services.


All charity activities of the Foundation are solely for serving the society, without any political, religious or commercial motives.


Please register as a member of the community, and work with the Foundation to create a healthier, happier and better world for all!

Plant Mirror Reflection

Health Lectures

The Foundation has sponsored more than 40 activities in the health area since 2012, including lectures for preventing and treating various diseases, Alzheimer’s disease,  and coronavirus by Chinese Medicines.

Cultural Talks

The Foundation also held many cultural lectures, such as vocal music, snowflake paper-cutting, calligraphy, shadow puppetry, humorous speeches, property management, taxation, etc. The Foundation also held dinners for the elderly and awarded scholarships to law students.

JHF Choir & Concerts

The JHF Chorus was formed in Year 2019 and the first concert will be held in 2022 to perform songs written by Taiwanese composer Chin-Ju Shih. The Foundation also has sponsored a charity concert to increase people’s understanding of Alzheimer’s disease.

Friends in Nature

Confidence Building

In 2021, the Foundation held an event [Share a bit of gem in you] for students to present a favorite topic in a preferred format to other folks. This event is meant to strengthen the self-confidence of the participant. It received lots of praises. Welcome to watch a short video about this activity.

New Ideas

The Foundation has already started planning a number of novel projects:

Design your Community: Encourage and sponsor young people to engage in self-defined projects to improve the community, and cultivate their ability to discover and solve problems, teamwork, communicate, and execute plans.

Happy Little Farmer: It is a community formed by those who love to plant vegetables, flowers, and trees to share the knowledge of farming and farming with each other.


Recall the Precious Moments in Life: Provide recording and dissemination services, and offer a calm atmosphere for folks to story tell precious moments in their lives and share those memories with the community and future generations.