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​Missions 目標和宗旨

J&H Foundation was established in 2012 and is a registered non-profit organization in the United States with the mission of "caring for health and serving the community". The foundation is committed to creating a community focused on healthcare and culture, promoting the exchange of knowledge among members in healthcare and culture, improving the quality of life of members, and operating a social network to help members learn new knowledge effectively, and find the experts and services that they need. Our activities have nothing to do with politics or religion, nor any commercial activities.


Since its establishment, we have organized many activities in the health area more than forty Chinese medicine treatments of various diseases and diagnosis and treatment methods, TCM treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, TCM methods for preventing and treating coronaviruses, Alzheimer’s disease charity concert etc. The foundation has also established the JHF Chorus, which is dedicated to performing songs by the Taiwanese writer Chin-Ju Shih. J&H Foundation has also held many cultural lectures, such as vocal music, snowflake paper cutting, calligraphy, property management, the documentary of the shrining of Silicon Valley Chinese, tea ceremony culture, shadow puppetry, Lingyao Wu humorous speeches, and discussion on tax related topics. In addition, the foundation also held dinners for the elderly and awarded scholarships to law students. JHF Chorus was established in 2019, hoping to give chorus-loving friends a home and foster a community to enjoy the beauty of music together.


The foundation has expanded its goal to actively serve and improve the community with the joint power of the community: provide a platform where members of the community can put forward new ideas in health, music and culture, and sponsor activities that can benefit the whole community. The foundation hopes to use the strength of all members to care for health and serve the community together, hence to have a better community for everyone.

小雨點基金會成立於2012年,是美國註冊非營利機構,以「關愛健康,服務社區」為宗旨。基金會致力於朔造醫療保健和藝文為主的社群,介以促進會員在醫療保健和藝文方面的知識交流,提升會員的生活的品質,營運社群網絡以幫助會員有效地學習新知,尋找所需專家和服務。 我們的活動,無關政治無關宗教,也無關于任何商業活動。


自成立以來,我們已舉辦許多健康方面的活動,例如阿茲海默中醫治療方法,中醫防治新冠狀病毒的方法,四十多埸中醫治療各式病症的診斷和治療方法,中醫治療阿茲海默症,阿茲海默症慈善音樂會。基金會也成立了小雨點合唱團,正致力於提倡台灣作家石青如的作品音樂會,也辦過多埸文化講座,比如 聲樂藝術,雪花剪紙,書法,財產歸劃,硅谷中國人,茶道文化,皮影戲,吳玲瑤教你幽默過日子,易經,省稅座談。另外我們還舉辦了敬老聚餐和頒發獎學金給法律系大學生。小雨點合唱團於2019年成立,希望能給愛好合唱的朋友們一個團體和社群來一起享受音樂之美。



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