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Column by Lingyao Wu

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Ms. Linyao, Master of Western Literature, is a long-time member of the Overseas Chinese Women Writers Association and a celebrity writer in the United States. She published fifty-two books including "Not Humorous", "Very Humorous Girl", "Life Spicy". Her articles are often published in newspapers and magazines.


Ms. Wu is known for her wit and wit in her work. She is a popular female writer on the overseas network. Her diehard readers are around the global from many different areas. Her recent speeches given in various cities in the United States have frequently set the record of the number of audiences with the loudest laughter among local speeches. 

Her tailoring styles are all based on the experience of overseas Chinese and studies of multiple generations of Chinese living abroad. Her works have become precious records for the life of overseas Chinese.

Confusion about Time

Lingyao Wu

Dec 17, 2020

Lingyao Wu, a well-known writer, elaborated on the confusion of time in a humorous tone. She shared her view of "Is the speed of time a feeling? Or is it scientifically based?" in a fun essay.

We Will Be Older Tomorrow

Lingyao Wu

Nov 25, 2020

The writer Wu Lingyao was invited to give a speech at the Azalea Night organized by the Alumni Association of Taiwan University, Northern California. The topic was the plight of middle-aged people. Seven hundred people laughed constantly and expressed sympathy. The writer Wu Lingyao can make fun of her own age, which can be regarded as a kind of open-mindedness after growing up.

Add More Humor to Your Life

Lingyao Wu

Jun 25, 2017

J & H Foundation hosted a free Art and Culture Seminar on June 24, 2017 (Saturday), and specially invited the famous humorous writer Lingyao Wu to give a lecture: Add More Humor To Your Life. The location is: Cupertino Quinlan Community Center. "Life in humor" will keep you laughing every minute from the beginning to the end.

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