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July 26, 2020 at 11:00:00 PM

吳亞儒 中醫師,L.Ac.,DAOM


中醫食療的訣竅 是如何通過判定個人體質,然後選擇適合自己的食療方式。
在這個中醫食療講座裡,有加州針灸執照的針灸師吳亞儒中醫師, 通過講解如何按照中醫觀念來判定你的體質,然後依食物的四性五味來選擇適合你的食療。只有適合你的才是最好的。食療也是如此。


東西雖好,真的適合你嗎? !


Chinese Food Therapeutics

Jul 26, 2020

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM


The trick of TCM diet therapy is how to determine the personal physique and then choose the diet therapy method that suits you.
In this TCM diet therapy seminar, California acupuncturist licensed acupuncturist Wu Yaron, a Chinese medicine practitioner, explains how to determine your physique according to the concepts of TCM, and then chooses the diet therapy that suits you based on four properties and five flavors of medicine and food. Only what suits you the best is the best medicine for you. The same is true for diet therapy.

Diet therapy is an important part of TCM health preservation.
What to eat; how much to eat; how to eat is best for your health? The real answer is: how to eat suitable for your physique can be better for your health.

Chinese people’s health habit is often to ask what supplements should be taken?
In today's society, in the case of over nutrition, various supplements; vitamins, various magical fruits and vegetables and nutritional products are all popular. But many people don't know from the perspective of Chinese medicine whether what you eat is suitable for your body.
Although the stuff is good, is it really suitable for you?
In Chinese medicine, diet therapy is actually to eat the food that suits your physical state, which one is the most "replenishing" for you.
Chinese medicine believes that ginseng is also a harmful drug if it is not eaten properly; arsenic can also cure diseases if it is eaten properly.
But what to eat, how much to eat, how to eat, and how to eat according to your physical fitness, all require some basic common sense of Chinese medicine.
Of course, Chinese medicine has some basic dietary concepts that are beneficial to health, such as eating grain-mixes, a balanced diet of meat and vegetables, eating foods of five different colors to nourish the five elements and five internal organs and so on.

Chinese Doctor Wu will explain to you how to eat food that suits you and is most beneficial to your health. This is the real diet therapy of Chinese medicine.

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