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March 1, 2021 at 3:30:00 AM

吳亞儒 中醫師,L.Ac.,DAOM

辟穀 斷食與肝臟排毒

討論辟穀 斷食與肝臟排毒的異同,並介紹現代人的辟穀,斷食排毒的方法。

服氣:深吸氣再用力吞嚥: 依《雲笈七簽》,服氣前要“鼓氣以滿天關”,然後“閉口而咽之'。《內經》談到嚥氣的動作,指出“如咽甚硬物”。
斷食 – Naturopathic:自然療法、整體醫學
•利用儲存在身體細胞或組織內的營養 •維持人體生命健康的狀態 •切斷食物供應 •促進排泄,清除體內老廢物(血毒)
肝臟排毒 ( Liver Detoxification):
✔ 提供人體必須的營養
✔ 減少飲食攝入
❖ 太多/太少都是毒
❖ 人體自身調節
✔ 消化
✔ 解毒
✔ 新陳代謝
肝臟排毒,辟穀 共同點 -
✔ 少吃/不吃
✔ 提供人體必須 營養
✔ 一次或多次 ✔ 可控
✔ 燃燒體內垃圾
✔ 只喝水
✔ 服氣/食氣
✔ 練功- 有人指導
✔ 陽氣足
Liver Detoxification & 肝臟排毒 現代人的辟穀
✔ 高血脂
✔ 脂肪肝
✔ 糖尿病
✔ 痛風
✔ 游泳圈
* 其他
✔ 肝斑
✔ 脂肪瘤
✔ 肉贅
✔ 濕氣重?
✔ 吃撐/零食
✔ 減肥- Over Weight

Fasting and Liver Detoxification

Mar 1, 2021

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM

辟穀 斷食與肝臟排毒

This lecture discusses the similarities and differences between fasting and liver detoxification, and introduce modern methods of fasting and detoxification.

"Qi is the root of a person." The acquisition of Qi can be done by breathing, diet, meridian, etc.; it does not completely rely on the physiological tissues of the spleen and stomach. During the period of fasting, the human body enters a period of Qi nourishment, which drastically reduces the dependence on physical food. Fasting also mobilizes and starts the intrinsic personal capability that relies on Qi substances that are invisible.
Bigu: The acquisition of Qi is through the hukou directly on the body surface or in directly from the universe, and the other is through the cultivation of voxels. So as to maintain the body's ability to carry out normal life activities without eating food. So during the natural Bigu period, you can still work and live like normal people.
Persevere: Take a deep breath and swallow hard: Per the book "Seven Signs of the Clouds", before taking the breath, you must "puff to fill the sky", and then "close your mouth and swallow." The Neijing talks about the act of suffocating, and points out that "like swallowing extremely hard object".
Fasting – Naturopathic: It is natural remedy, also a holistic medicine
•Using the nutrients stored in the body's cells or tissues
•Maintaining the health of the human body
•Cut off the food supply
Liver Detoxification:
✔ Provide essential nutrients for the human body
✔ Reduce dietary intake
❖ Too much/too little is poison
❖ Human body self-regulation
Western medicine "liver":
✔ Digestion
✔ Detoxification
✔ Metabolism
Chinese medicine is in the category of "spleen and stomach"
Liver detoxification and Bigu have something in common-
Liver detox:
✔ Eat less/don't eat
✔ Provide essential nutrients for the human body
✔ One or more times
✔ Controllable
✔ Burning garbage in the body
✔ Drink only water
✔ Persuaded/gasped
✔ Practicing exercises-guided by someone
✔ Yang Qi feet
Liver Detoxification & Liver Detoxification
*Suitable for the crowd
✔ High blood fat
✔ Fatty liver
✔ Diabetes
✔ Gout
✔ Swimming ring
* Other
✔ Liver spots
✔ Lipoma
✔ Meat cellulite
✔ Heavy moisture?
✔ Eat support/snacks
✔ Weight loss-Over Weight

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