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August 23, 2020 at 3:00:00 AM

吳亞儒 中醫師,L.Ac.,DAOM



這節課教您如何使用自我意識,站立冥想找到最舒適的“靜止”姿勢,以使您的身體在餘生中都得到照顧。 我們將介紹人體很容易地被堵住的9個區域; 練習減少對外的注意而以看,聽,聞,嚐自己的內在情緒,聽取內部氣息的流動。 我們將練習呼吸並感覺您自己的皮膚運動。 我們還將練習如何計算進食時咀嚼次數以及如何做肩膀運動。









9. 3D自我調整技術 - 找到關節最放鬆的位置

10.感受自己的內臟器官 - 成為身體一生的好朋友


Be Friend with Your Body - Class 1

Aug 23, 2020

Yaron Wu, L.Ac.,DAOM


Be friend with your body class 1 is the first class of a series of 10 lectures. It is designed for diabetes patients. Through lectures and practices you will learn how to meditate, practice slow Chinese ancient exercises, and use breath and feel to find where the problem is.

This class teaches how to use self awareness, standing mediation to find the most comfort "still" position for your body to care of your health for the rest of your life. We will go over 9 areas in the body
that could be blocked easily; practice withdraw attention: seeing, listening to, smelling, tasting your own internals, listen to your internal Qi's flow. We will practice breath and feel your own skin movement. We will also practice how to count the number of chews when eating, followed by shoulder movement.

This series include the following classes:
1. Introduction: How to feel your body, why and how to disconnect yourself with your body, how to feel your skin movement though breathing

2. How to Sit: Feel your body through siting

3. Standing meditation: feel your body through standing

4. Slow walk: follow your body's rhythm of movement, not demand -- the basic for moving your spine

5. Whole spine movement basic

6. Special spine movement for diabetes

7. Feel your muscle tension and basic relax technique

8. Stretching basic

9. 3D self-adjustment technique - Find most relaxing position for your joint

10. Feel your internal organs -vBe friend with your body graduation

This series will be concluded with a Q&A session.

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