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July 7, 2020 at 11:00:00 PM

吳亞儒 中醫師,L.Ac.,DAOM



我們的心臟從生到死, 不停在工作,就像汽車的引擎,一生中就是一個磨損消耗的問題。但是等到西​​醫檢查或者心電圖檢查確認有問題時,心臟這個人體的引擎已經磨損的難以修復了。而日常我們很多的不適,都是和心臟的“勞損”有關的,如果你不想將來有“心髒病”或者“心腦血管疾病”,那在夏至前後就是保養心臟最佳的時機。

心臟勞損的人,大多會有:舌尖凹,肚臍的上部離位塌陷, 耳垂有橫紋, 暗色或豬肝色嘴唇,前臂內關穴有青筋,也一定會在前胸發現壓痛和陽性反應點以及心包經壓痛。如果有關節痛,在夜里或早上起來加重,左肩背慢性疼痛,後背心發涼 / 酸痛發緊沉重, 中指/小指麻痛,手指腫脹,都要考慮可能有不同程度的心臟勞損。

有過焦慮綜合症,在睡眠時有胸口壓榨感覺,或者惡夢連連,以及常常盜汗, 出冷汗,長期手腳冰涼,以及常常心慌,心律失常和心絞痛的人,每年夏至做心臟保養則是必不可少的養生。


Nourish Your Heart In Summer

Jul 7, 2020

Yaron Wu,L.Ac.,DAOM


Chinese Dr. Wu talks about the treatment and health of the heart. From the relationship between sleep and heart health, talk about how to use acupuncture point massage for treatment and health care. Chinese Doctor Wu Yaron will also talk about how to check the blood vessels and acupuncture points on the hands, or observe the tongue and the belly button to diagnose a person's heart health. He also teaches methods for sleeping better. The symptoms to be discussed in the lecture are characteristic of heart damage. Because health preservation is more important than treatment, Dr. Wu Yaron will also talk about how to maintain the heart with diet and exercise.

Our heart is constantly working from birth to death, just like the engine of a car. it is worn and torn throughout life. When the western medical examination or electrocardiogram examination confirms that there is a problem, the heart has worn out and is difficult to repair. Many of our daily discomforts are related to the "strain" of the heart. If you don't want to have "heart disease" or "cardio-cerebrovascular disease" in the future, then around the summer solstice is the best time to nourishing your heart.

Most people with heart strain will have: concave tongue tip, collapsed upper part of the belly button, horizontal stripes on the earlobe, dark or liver-colored lips, and blue veins at the Neiguan point of the forearm. Tenderness and positive reaction points definitely can be found in the chest and feel pericardial tenderness.

If the joint pains are getting worse at night or in the morning, chronic pain in the left shoulder and back, cold/sore tightness in the back, numbness in the middle/little fingers, and swelling of the fingers, it is likely that the person has different degrees of heart strain.

It is necessary to nourish heart every summer solstice for those persons with anxiety syndrome, chest squeezing feeling during sleep, or nightmares, and frequent night sweats, cold sweats, cold hands and feet for a long time, and frequent palpitation, arrhythmia and angina.

Doctor Wu Yaron will teach everyone how to assess your heart strain and tearing by checking some physical signs of your own body.

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