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November 17, 2018 at 3:30:00 AM


阿茲海默症 慈善音樂會

此次“有話要說”訪問 姚若華黃惠敏和小雨點基金會創辦徐北辰關懷阿茲海默症。姚若華黃惠敏談這次阿滋海默症慈善音樂會以旋律優美、輕鬆活潑、耳熟能詳的為主。希望社會大眾共襄盛舉,正視老年失智症對人類的威脅。徐北辰談阿滋海默症慈和基金會的理念。

這次阿滋海默症慈善音樂會以旋律優美、輕鬆活潑、耳熟能詳的為主。希望社會大眾共襄盛舉,正視老年失智症對人類的威脅。音樂會曲目包括電影似曾相似亅主題曲,奇異恩典,校園民歌歌,和鋼琴家楊智華的一些作品。希望以大家耳熟能詳的樂曲讓聽眾能享受音樂,也提供機會增加大家對阿滋海默症的了解。小提琴曲包括多首世界名曲,薩拉薩特的 “流浪者之歌” 和克萊斯特改編的法雅西班牙舞曲等,都是愛樂者所喜愛的。如歌的旋律、絢爛的技巧都展現演出者的獨特詮釋。
主持人 曾智寧 曾為星島中文電台 "星期四不一樣”、 “粉絲樂翻天”、”妙韻輕歌“ 主持人。 台北愛樂電台節目部經理/製作人暨主持人。

Charity Concert for Alzheimer's Disease

Nov 17, 2018

Jo-Hwa Yao, Amy Huang, Sunny Sheu

阿茲海默症 慈善音樂會

Alzheimer's disease charity concerts are mainly based on beautiful melody, lively and familiarity. I hope that the concert can encourage the public to join in the grand event and confront the threat of dementia.

The repertoire of Alheimer's Disease Charity Concert contains mainly beautiful melodies which are lively and familiar to general audience. It is hoped that the public will participate in the grand event and pay attention to the dementia, which is common for elders. The repertoire of the concert includes the theme songs of the movies, Strange Grace, campus folk songs, and some works by pianist Yang Zhihua. I hope that with the familiar music, the audience can enjoy the music and also provide an opportunity to increase everyone's understanding of Alzheimer's disease. Violin music includes many world-famous songs, Sarasate's "Song of the Wanderer" and Kleist's adaptation of Falla Spanish Dance. All these songs are loved by music lovers. The song-like melody and gorgeous techniques will deliver the performer's unique interpretation.
The host Zeng Zhining was the host of Sing Tao Chinese Radio "Thursday is Different", "Fans Le Fantian", and "Miaoyun Qingge". She is the Program Manager/Producer and Host of Taipei Philharmonic Radio.

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