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洗過米的水含有蛋白質,澱粉,礦物質,各種維生素和微量元素,有益皮膚的健康。它有大米表皮的養份,和豐富的维生素B,E 。可去黑色素,淡化雀斑,美白滋潤肌膚。頭一兩次的淘米水呈PH值5.5左右的弱酸性。皮膚在此範圍的PH質下最能有效地吸收營養。


Water for Rinsing Rices Can Nurture Your Beauty

Apr 21, 2021

J&H Foundation


The water used to rinse the rice contains protein, starch, minerals and rich vitamins, which can make the skin smooth and remove dark spots.

Did you know that the water used to rinse the rice can make your skin smooth and remove dark spots?

The rice washing water contains protein, starch, minerals, various vitamins, which is beneficial to the health of the skin. It has the nutrients of rice epidermis, and is rich in vitamins B and E. It can remove melanin, dilute freckles, whiten and moisturize the skin. The first two washes of rice are weakly acidic with a pH of about 5.5. The skin can absorb nutrients most effectively under this pH range.

Wash the white rice once and pour out the water. Stir and wash the rice again with clean water. After setting for about 15 minutes, pour the water into a bowl. You can rinse the body with rice water once a day, or clean the dark spots, Do this persistently to make the skin white and delicate.

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