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November 6, 2020 at 10:30:00 PM

李曉薇 律師,Attorney of Law


在美國大家可能經常會聽到生前信託(Living Trust)和遺產規劃(Estate Planning),但很多朋友其實不太了解它們的具體意義,這個講座主要是回答一些我在日常接受客戶諮詢時最常被問到有關生前信託和遺產規劃的意義。

李曉薇,律師(Xiaowei Li, Attorney at Law),睿騁矽谷律師事務所 (Rui Attorneys)在這個講座討論7個常見的遺產規劃問題:(1)在美國生活為什麼建立一個信託是必須的?(2) 擁有多少資產才需要建立信託?(3)信託有資產保護的作用嗎? (4)信託有省稅的功能嗎?(5)信託可以更改或者撤銷嗎?(6)購買人壽保險需要建立信託嗎?(7)外國人需要可以建立信託嗎?

Estate Planning Q&A

Nov 6, 2020

Xiawei Li


In the United States, you may often hear about Living Trust and Estate Planning, but many friends don't really understand their specific meaning. This lecture mainly answers some of the most frequently asked questions when I receive customer consultation regarding the significance of trust and estate planning during a lifetime.

Xiaowei Li, Attorney at Law, from Rui Attorneys, discusses 7 common estate planning questions in this lecture: (1) Why is it necessary to establish a trust for living in the United States? (2) How many assets do I need to establish a trust? (3) Does a trust have the function of asset protection? (4) Does a trust have a tax-saving function? (5) Can a trust be changed or revoked? (6) Is it true that a trust must be established to purchase life insurance? (7) Do foreigners need to establish a trust?

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