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September 23, 2017 at 7:00:00 AM





Years of Being Alive

Sep 23, 2017

Lizhong Yan


Yan Lizhong is a senior reporter at Life Monthly. The target of his report is not social celebrities, but ordinary people. Over the years, he has drawn precise and simple portraits of ordinary people such as couriers, singers, village doctors, miners, AIDS managers, drama actors, prison guards, veterans, and patrolmen.
"I write the stories of these ordinary people over and over again, and I suddenly feel that I have lived for several lifetimes. From the stories of these ordinary people that seem to have no applause, I can feel the plain and crazy of this era."

Yan Lizhong elaborated on the extraordinary things he encountered in the interview career in a witty tone. I thought I had to live well and let myself pass many celebrities. At the moment of life and death in the field interviews, I heard the stories of those who worked hard, interviewed the poor and remote children who could sing. He was invited to Beijing for singing so well, but no one believed him when he came home. The children who went to Beijing answered the reporter's interview with singing. He sang
"The eagle flies high and far, and has more knowledge than people. He walked ten ditch by mistake if he didn't listen to Abba's words, and turned five mountains by mistake if he didn't listen to Ama's words. No one's feet are long."
Ordinary heart, enjoy your own years!

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