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March 30, 2019 at 7:00:00 AM



何江弘,解放軍總醫院第七醫學中心功能神經外科主任。「 這是我們在中國做的一個調查。我們問病人,當你經過一兩個月的治療之後變成植物人的時候,你的醫生給你的建議是什麼?60%的醫生建議維持基本治療,還有一部分建議放棄,只有5%的醫生推薦病人進行積極的治療。在綜合了醫生對於未來預期恢復的判斷以及家庭的各種情況之後,最終,在六個月內,有60%的家屬決定放棄治療。這對於病人意味著慢性的安樂死。那病人的態度是什麼?」

Awaken a Persist Vegetative Person

Mar 30, 2019

He Jianhong


He Jianghong, Director of Functional Neurosurgery of the Seventh Medical Center of PLA General Hospita, gives a talk about a person in persist vegetative state(PVS). "This is a survey we conducted in China. We asked patients, when you become a persist vegetative person after one or two months of treatment, what is your doctor’s advice to you? 60% of the doctors recommend maintaining basic treatment. There are some recommendations to give up, and only 5% of doctors recommend active treatment. After combining the doctor’s judgment on the expected recovery in the future and the various family conditions, in the end, within six months, 60% of the family members decided to give up treatment This means chronic euthanasia for the patient.

What is the patient's attitude? "

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