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減價$10優惠券 / $10 Off Every $50 Purchase:​

有效期限 / Coupon Valid Through: 09/30/2021

優惠/Discount: 每$50優惠$10 / $10 discount each $50 purchase

限用於 快樂小羊@庫珀提諾店 / To be redeemed at Happy Lamb @ Cupertino Only

限用於晚餐菜單的項目 / Limited to dinner menu items

僅適用於堂食 / Valid for dine-in order only

限用於一次消費不可換現金 / Only redeemable in 1 purchase, no cash back

限單一優惠不可和其他優惠一起使用 / Can't combine multiple offers

快樂小羊保留優惠解釋權/Happy Lamb reserves all rights for rule interpretation

Happy Lamb Hot Pot @ Cupertino, CA

19062 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014

Tel: (408) 996-9919

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