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Confusion about Time

Dec 17, 2020

Lingyao Wu

Lingyao Wu, a well-known writer, elaborated on the confusion of time in a humorous tone. She shared her view of "Is the speed of time a feeling? Or is it scientifically based?" in a fun essay.

Years of Being Alive

Sep 23, 2017

Lizhong Yan

Yan Lizhong is a senior reporter at Life Monthly. The target of his report is not social celebrities, but ordinary people. Over the years, he has drawn precise and simple portraits of ordinary people such as couriers, singers, village doctors, miners, AIDS managers, drama actors, prison guards, veterans, and patrolmen.
"I write the stories of these ordinary people over and over again, and I suddenly feel that I have lived for several lifetimes. From the stories of these ordinary people that seem to have no applause, I can feel the plain and crazy of this era."

The Hidden Meanings of Yin Yang

Aug 2, 2013

John Bellaimey

Yin and yang symbols are everywhere and are derived from the Chinese religion and philosophy Taoism/Taoism. The dark whirlpool is related to shadows, femininity and troughs. The swirling yang energy represents brightness, passion and growth. John Bellaimey explained why all of us contain yin and yang, and how we can achieve a balance between the two in our lives.

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