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JHF Activities

Estate Planning Q&A

In the United States, you may often hear about Living Trust and Estate Planning, but many friends don't really understand their specific meaning. This lecture mainly answers some of the most frequently asked questions when I receive customer consultation regarding the significance of trust and estate planning during a lifetime.

Shadow Play and Woodblock New Year Painting

J&H Foundation invited Qingdao artists Lu Han and Cui Peng to visit the Bay Area and held a production performance in the auditorium of Heluo Medical University in Sunnyvale on September 26, 2017. Many parents and children participated. Children are also playing with shadow puppets, making woodblock New Year pictures, and experiencing Chinese traditional culture firsthand.

Cui Peng and his mother started a Big-Mouth shadow puppet class in Qingdao and also held shadow puppet classes in many local primary schools. She pointed out that shadow play has a history of more than one thousand years in Chinese literature and history. Shadow play is the most unrestricted performance mode. Shadow puppets can kill characters in the play, turn people into animals, and easily switch between water and land and other scenes.

Lu Han, president of the Qingdao Handicraft Association, said that woodblock New Year pictures are ancient Chinese printing methods. Engrave the icons of the God of Fortune, God of Wealth, and Kitchen God on wooden boards and transfer them to paper. In the traditional era, every household will post woodblock New Year pictures at the door for safe wealth and success. He demonstrated how to make a woodcut New Year picture of the God of Wealth. The two artists have visited schools and museums in many cities in the United States, hoping to share these two Chinese classical arts throughout the United States.

Qi for a Happy Living Home

Master of I Jing Dong Yilin, born in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, grew up in a family of I Ching. He is good at geomancy, architectural geomancy, numerology and naming. "One yin and one yang is Tao, and the people don't know it every day." The Book of Changes exists in daily life and is not as difficult as imagined. Mr. Dong Yilin will explain the Book of Changes to friends from all perspectives of life in a simple way, expounding the relationship between Feng Shui, destiny and you.

Legal Considerations for Ownership of Real Estate

In this lecture, J&H Foundation invited Michael Lee and Li Xiaowei, both are Attorney at Law from Rui Attorneys, a Silicon Valley Law Firm, to give lectures on the various situations and legal regulations that we will face when investing in real estate. Rui Attorneys specializes in company formation, commercial disputes, real estate sales/disputes, civil litigation, probate... and other businesses. Rui's clients include individuals, local companies, commercial banks, or small and medium-sized U.S. and Chinese multinational companies. Both attorneys have many years of practical experiences.

Tea Dao

"The Tea Ceremony, Tea Art, Tea Culture (The Tea Ceremony, Tea Art, Tea Culture)" lecture was held on March 19, 2017 at Los Altos Library, Los Altos, CA Lecture Hall. It is a rare tea Tea culture feast.

Common Legal Knowledge about Real Estate Purchase, Renovation, and Extension

In this lecture, the Little Raindrop Foundation specially invited the well-known Ruicheng|Silicon Valley Law Firm Michael Lee and Li Xiaowei attorneys to give lectures-various situations and laws that you will face when investing in buying a house and building new, renovating, and adding houses Regulations. Ruicheng|Silicon Valley Law Firm specializes in handling company formation, commercial disputes, real estate sales/disputes, civil litigation, probate... and other businesses. Clients include individuals, local companies, commercial banks, or small and medium-sized U.S. and Chinese multinational companies, with equivalent practical experience rich.

(3) Tomorrow will be older-Facing the gradual increase in age, humor is the highest expression of wisdom. When youth is not on the outside, there is a change, and the years are ruthless, and you have love on your own. People with a sense of humor have the most personal charm, not only can get along with others happily, but more importantly, have a happy life.

(4) Aspects of humor skills-1. Humor is the result of inconsistency; 2. Humor is the antidote to absurdity; 3. Humor is inexplicable; 4. Humor that refers to frustration; 5. Humor is telling the truth; 6 . Ingenious metaphors have a humorous effect; 7. Humor is attributable to a sense of superiority; 8. The humor of misheard and typos; 9. Exaggerated metaphors have a humorous effect; 10. If you want to be humorous, you have to be self-deprecating.

You Mei writer Wu Lingyao has written more than 50 books including "Women's Humor", "Tomorrow Will Be Older", "Laughing in the Way" and so on. "American Child Chinese Mother" ranked first in the American Chinese best-selling list. She is the founding chairman of the Northern California Alumni Alumni Association. She once hosted the KTSF TV station "Culture Mala Tang", which is extremely popular.

Luncheons for Seniors

2013 and 2014 senior gatherings included sushi lunches and karaoke.

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